MCP - 6CT1 3

One more project T&E signed with famous client in Viet Nam – Bitexco Group; The Manor Central Park. The project is designed to fit within the area’s master plan, and with the existing architectural characteristics of Hanoi.
The Urban’s design is innovative as it brings together attached houses, villas and towers within its scope. Modern high–rise blocks will surround lower structures and they will be linked by common areas and gardens. This design helps to reduce noise, dust and create a micro-climate in each area.
When completed, it will be a self-contained community, including a residential area, offices, a school, kindergarten, sports centre, park and a commemorative statue of famous Vietnamese hero Chu Van An.
Carlos Zapata Studio/EEK is the master planner from NYC, who planed Lower Manhattan and many other famous city in the world was working with Bitexco Group to build urban areas as an ecological city park, introduce state of Art living environment ever never had in Hanoi.