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T&E Message

 Our core business is Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. We always do working by heart and deeply
 do desiring to create effective and highly value projects, becoming trusting and valued partner.
 Achieving that, we always:
  – Together with Architecture – Structure
  –  And together all Mechanical & Electrical
 So far, we do optimizing project investment cost than normal engineering..
 All we are “dedicated and profesional” in our work with the basic of:
  – “Together” with Client & Partner
  – “Trusting” in each task
  –  “Adding value” in each project
 Our basis is “our business – your value & success..”

T&E Orientation:

   T&E is a leading consultant, there in:
   – Contributing to effective project and life.
   – For better future and lasting derelopment.
   Our direction:
   – Our business – Your value and success..
   – Together – Trusting – Value.
   – Dedicated and professional.

T&E Target:

   – Pursueing the perfection and highest level in work to our client and partner.
   – Contributing to make more and more value for project and life.
   – Contributing to make better life.
   – Contributing to build our country.

T&E History

   Beginning with most experienced engineers of field specialize – construction and project managing. Knowing Mechanical – Electrical important; wishing to bring our know ledge – our enthusiasm into project and contributing to country developing, that is our principles: Our business – your profit and success.

T&E Style

   With engineers are experienced in professional working of Japanese and Europe … T&E always deeply knowing our duty in each work, even so small one, with personnel. Further, we schedule to build good vietnamese company culture: Dedicated and Professional.

With T&E Client – Partner

   T&E always knowing well and try to support our client and partner the best. T&E always persueiny to be friend and together with client – project and all: Together – Trusting – Value.

Our Clients

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Our Partners

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